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Synthetic Turf in Vancouver, BC
Synthetic Turf Vancouver

Vancouver Synthetic Turf

Raise your hand if you are sick of mowing your lawn once a week! Pretty sure most of us are and will have our arms waving in the air. However, what is the alternative to natural grass? Perhaps you think there isn’t another choice to cover your yard. Well, you couldn’t be more incorrect.

Vancouver Synthetic Turf, Inc. provides an excellent option for a maintenance-free landscape. We install turf at residential and commercial locations all over the province of British Columbia. Centrally located in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on making our community beautiful without you having to do the hard work. Say goodbye to watering and fertilizing your lawn. You’re off to bigger and better things!

We install for many places and purposes. Turf works well in home landscapes, playgrounds, golf courses, athletic complexes and many more. It is even pet-friendly. Just imagine how nice your space will look. No matter where you decide to install, it will be the talk of the town.

Synthetic Grass in Vancouver, BC
Synthetic Turf Vancouver

Worried about when Rover does his business on your newly installed turf? Don’t be. Not only is it easy on your dog’s feet, but it’s also easy to clean as well. Most times, when it rains, it will clean the area. However, you can buy special sanitizer for when those messy situations occur. Word on the street is that Fido loves turf grass because there’s not much of a difference from regular grass. They can play all day on the artificial grass and have the best time of their lives!

Where else can you see synthetic turf installed? In sports facilities or universities! The turf makes it easier for athletes to perform on. Whether it is for track and field or baseball, most people enjoy the feeling of artificial grass under their feet. Plus, it is easy for them to shine during their game or meet because turf makes it easier on their joints. So not only is it comfortable, it’s safer for their athletic bodies. It’s a win-win!

 Another place that we install turf at is at gyms and fitness centers. The synthetic material allows an excellent surface for the people who are working out to perfect their exercise routines. Check out your local gym. You are sure to see a synthetic material of some kind. We see more and more fitness centers removing those old, stinky, rubber mats, and changing to plush turf.

The most prominent place you may have seen our product is at your local golf course and country club. Everyone knows that with the vast amount of landscape on a golf course, it would take days to mow and keep up with. Not with our turf installed — it is maintenance-free. Not to mention, it looks stunning. The next time you are at your local course and playing a few holes, check out the grass. Is it artificial? If so, can you tell the difference when you stand on it? Probably not. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it feels good as well!

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Artificial Turf in Vancouver, BC
Synthetic Turf Vancouver

Have you always wanted artificial turf but didn’t know much about it? Maybe you think it will cost too much. Whatever your reasoning, throw your doubts out the window. Our representatives at Vancouver Synthetic Turf, Inc. are here to help and possibly change your mind.

When you imagine the cost to install synthetic turf in your yard or place of business, you probably think it is through the roof. Many years ago —  you were probably right. However, in the current year, artificial turf is becoming more affordable for the average person. Now not just baseball fields can have an attractive yard; you can too!

The savings can really add up when you invest in artificial turf for your residence. Think about it: no more lawn equipment, fertilizers, or sprinkler systems. You won’t have to pay for the water coming out of those sprinklers, either. Doesn’t that make your wallet happy? In the long run, your savings will pay for your investment.

The same goes for commercial properties. If you install outside, everything applies. However, if you place the turf inside, you can see other savings. For example, time will be saved. It is super easy to care for artificial material. Those hours spent cleaning the mats inside your gym or the grounding of your indoor playground is no more. Our team members will show you the best way to clean and sanitize the artificial turf. You will be wondering why you haven’t made the leap to turf sooner!

Why choose Vancouver Synthetic Turf, Inc.? That’s simple. We are the number one artificial turf installers in British Columbia. We’ve helped more people with their landscape or business needs than any other local company. The pride we feel when we help our neighbors is over the top. The business has been running for many years. Therefore, our experience is exponential. Our team can answer any questions or provide the best recommendation. Rest assured when we take on your project that it will be done with the utmost professionalism and care.

Please stop by the showroom to see our vast line of artificial turf. Is there something special you are looking for? We can find it. Do you have a specific height in mind? Don’t worry — it’s in our shop. Your experience with us will be second to none. Let us ease your fears when it comes to artificial turf — after all, that’s what we do best!