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Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf in Vancouver, BC
Synthetic Turf Vancouver

In the beautiful city of Vancouver, we like to think of ourselves as Innovators. After all, we are one of the best livable places in North America. In fact, we have maintained this honor for many years in a row. So why would we not have more advanced ways of decorating our landscapes and businesses?

The answer to that question is we do! It’s called artificial turf. The synthetic material creates a maintenance-free option for our yards and companies. In fact, in Vancouver, many places are switching over to the material because it is easy to care for. No mowing, fertilizing or watering. Only pure enjoyment and extra time for your friends and family. At Vancouver Synthetic Turf Inc., we will take care of all of your artificial grass needs.

The artificial turf is easy to care for. If you have it installed outside, all you have to do is wait for it to rain. The precipitation will wash away any impurities. If you have it installed inside of a building, all you have to do is hose it off.  We also can recommend a bacterial eliminating substance to spray on your turf. Now, this solution is only if you have a major disaster occurs, and you need to get rid of the mess immediately.

Our installation process is quite easy. You, with one of our talented design team members, will come up with a plan of action. After the turf and ground covering is picked out and ready to go, we will begin the project. It only takes a matter of days to install your turf, especially if the surface area is minimal. Then we do our final checks and voila — brand-new look with no maintenance. You can’t beat that!

Vancouver Synthetic Turf, Inc. has provided services to many types of businesses and residential areas. Our resume includes playgrounds and schools, gyms and fitness centers, pet stores and parks, and golf courses. Each time we meet a client, we are excited to see the finished product. Every job we do is different, so it’s nice to see the finished product.

Are you worried about your children or pets playing on our synthetic turf? Don’t be. It is safe and comfortable. Either the kids or the dog will have the time of their life playing on the newly placed grass. It is soft enough to cushion any falls but durable to last many years.

All of your neighbors or colleagues will be jealous of your new investment. The look is so stunning that everyone on your block will want the turf for themselves.

Installed the artificial grass in your business? Your clients, competitors, and employees will love it. The look is definitely a conversation starter. It doesn’t matter if you own a golf course or a dog park, you will be the talk of the town for making an excellent investment. After all, with all the time and money you will be saving, the new addition will pay for itself!