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Building Retaining Walls & Steps in Vancouver

When seeking a landscaper to install hardscape elements like stone steps or retaining walls in Vancouver, consider Vancouver Synthetic Turf. Incorporating these features into your property can be driven by aesthetic enhancement, functionality, or both. The key to success for such projects lies in choosing the right professional to complete the task.

Stone and paver steps and retaining walls in Vancouver can offer numerous benefits to homeowners, provided the work quality meets the highest standards. We’re eager to showcase our portfolio of completed projects for our satisfied clientele, offering you an insight into the available options and helping you find a design you’ll adore.


Steps can be an essential aspect of your landscape design, contributing to aesthetics and functionality. They make navigating your property easier and provide a safe means of traversing inclines. Retaining walls also offer advantages such as:

  • Supporting soil retention, often necessary on slopes. The wall keeps soil in place, preventing it from sliding down and potentially damaging your home.
  • Retaining walls can be crucial in preventing flooding, sinkholes, or removing unsightly hills or dirt piles.
  • These walls help reduce maintenance requirements and protect against potential erosion.

Furthermore, retaining walls are instrumental in preventing damage to nearby properties or adjacent structures. We’ll collaborate with you to identify the best hardscaping features to address existing issues or simply enhance your property’s overall appearance.


When you’re ready to begin your retaining wall, steps, or both, simply reach out to our Vancouver Landscaping experts. Allow Vancouver Synthetic Turf Inc. to deliver the service and results you deserve. We look forward to partnering with you and adding the perfect finishing touches to your property.