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Landscape Maintenance

Achieving an impeccable yard goes beyond merely having well-designed landscaping; it necessitates top-notch landscape maintenance to preserve its beauty. Since 2010, residents in Vancouver and nearby areas have entrusted their landscape maintenance needs to our dedicated team at Vancouver Synthetic Turf Inc. Establishing a stunning lawn is just the beginning; it’s the continuous maintenance that ensures its longevity and exceptional appearance.

We take pride in offering an extensive range of essential lawn maintenance services throughout Vancouver, all designed to help you maintain your yard’s unparalleled beauty. Many homeowners mistakenly believe they can handle regular maintenance themselves. However, a consistent maintenance schedule is crucial to ensure your yard stays in tip-top shape.

Our maintenance regimen often involves identifying and solving issues to enhance the health and condition of your grass or other vegetation. Without the right expertise and experience, how can you address and rectify these situations effectively? Allow our Vancouver Landscaping experts to equip you with premium lawn maintenance and safeguard your yard, ensuring it remains at its best.


We offer various landscaping services as part of your continuous maintenance, including but not limited to: • Lawn Care – We ensure your grass stays in prime condition by monitoring and addressing potential threats such as disease, weeds, and pests. These hazards can devastate your lawn without you even realizing it. Regular maintenance allows us to identify warning signs before severe problems arise. • Weed Management – Weeds not only mar the appearance of your lawn, but they can also damage and eventually kill off your grass in patches. We implement a weed control strategy to prevent weed growth and respond swiftly if any signs of weeds emerge. • Grass Mowing – Regular mowing is essential for maintaining a neat and even appearance and promoting good health. Keeping your grass at the optimal height ensures its well-being, making it both visually appealing and healthier.


For top-tier landscape maintenance in Vancouver, look no further than Vancouver Synthetic Turf Inc. We are committed to our work and are honoured to serve numerous local residents with our expertise. Contact us today, and let us provide you with ongoing lawn care that keeps your yard looking impeccable.